Ancients Flious prefecture extended in “Fliassion field” which was famous during ancestry thanks to the wine produced there. Nowadays, it is known as the valley of Nemea which is also very famous thanks to its wine.

Flious city is located 3.5 km away from Nemea, to the north-west. The road from Nemea to Kiato is close to the ancient site of Flious. A small hill on the right of this road was used as the acropolis of Flious and it was fortified during ancestry, yet not even the remains of its walls have survived.

According to historical sources, an Asklepieion had been erected at the point where a church devoted to Virgin Mary is located nowadays. The Agora of Flious was situated close to the slope where the theatre has been excavated bringing to light the lower gradines and a part of the scene.

A big rectangle building (36 m X 26 m), known as “palace”, has been excavated to the south of the theatre. The inner part of its sides consisted of an arcade with Doric columns and an outdoors yard was situated in the middle of the building. It is estimated to date back to the 5th century BC even though it had been destroyed during the roman years and reconstructed in early 1st century AD.