Phillipus II

Phillip II

Corinth was among the three most powerful towns of Greece during 5th century BC and took place in the battles with Persians both in the sea and the land. Once Greeks were no more menaced by Persians, the Corinthians came into conflict with the newer yet more powerful than them Athenians. Corinth was the prior ebettor of the Peloponnesean War. However, Corinth did not manage to dominate in the sea despite the victory of its alliance. So, Sparta became the most powerful town of Greeks and Corinth depressed by its failure created an alliance with Athens and some other towns that were disappointed too, taking over the Corinthian War. The aim of the new alliance was the dismissal of the Spartan Hegemony. The Macedonia archon Phillip II, headed the war of offence against Persians and after his victory in 338 BC, he established guards at Acrocorinth. This was repeated by Antogonides until 243 BC when Aratos conquered this fort and then gave it to the Corinthians. One century later, The Romans started getting interested in the greek affairs and they destroyed Corinth totally in 146 BC, because it was the capital of the Achaean towns.