A rocky, steep, 575 meters tall hill used to be the acropolis of Corinth during the ancestry and the Middle Age. Its name is Acrocorinth and it could be accessed only through a tortuous road. During the ancestry, a lot of sanctuaries of little importance had been built along that street, where people worshipped their gods. For instance, there were sanctuaries dedicated to Demeter and her Daughter, the Sun, Isis, the Great Mother, the Fates etc.

The hill had been fortified very well during the pre-christian and medieval era. The mediaeval fortification had been founded on the ancient one which was renovated or had its walls and towers reconstructed. The west side, which was the only one that could be accessed by humans, was much thicker than the other sides and three gates had been constructed along it.

A temple devoted to Aphrodite had been constructed on the top of the hill, yet no remains of it have survived nowadays due to the fact that new buildings were constructed at that prominent position during the medieval years and the Turkish domination of Corinth. A spring known as Ano Peirene was also located on the top of the hill. Its level was lower than that of the temple and people could reach the water through steps.